Important News
Alterations to Local Rules and Course Markings as from 30 October 2015
Local Rules Changes:
1          The Local Rules have been modified for clarity.
2          The rule on the 14th hole allowing a ball to be played provisionally under rule 26-1 (i.e. playing  
            of a ball provisionally before moving forward when the ball, if lost, is in the water hazard)
            has  been removed.
             Players may still play a provisional ball under Rule 27, which becomes the ball in play if
            the original ball is not found. 
3          The procedure that must be used when the conditions of play allow for a “clean and place”
            are specified in the Temporary Local Rules.
Course Marking Changes:
1          The large pond between 13th green and the 14th fairway has been changed from a “Water
            Hazard” to a “Lateral Water Hazard”, and is now identified by red pegs. Players with a ball in                
            this hazard may use the additional relief option described in Rule 26-1(c), or if playing
            the 13th hole, use the nearest drop zone.
            The small pond near the 13th green remains a “Water Hazard”, and is identified by yellow pegs. 
2          The drop zone marked on the path behind the 13th green has been moved closer to the pond.
Captains’ and Handicap Committees:
The Purple Kiwi Course

The very short Kiwi course has been removed, as have all these courses throughout NZ.
Replacing it we have established a "Purple Course", about 250 metres longer than the Kiwi course.
While primarily designed for Junior and beginning members, it is available for any player to play. This course complies completely with the USGA requirements as a full length course (Over 3000 yards long (3133), 1500 yards on each nine, at
least one hole on each nine over 250 yards), and is fully rated under the USGA rating system. Any rounds played on it will become part of the player’s handicap records. It will appear as an option on the card-print screen.
It uses the regular greens but with tees generally well forward of the Red tees.
The tees are located by a purple marked block generally in the fairway. On 5 and 7 the block is in the rough near the line of play, on 11 it is near the men’s 18th tee, and on 13 it is the red tee. Tee off within 2 club-lengths of these blocks. We kept the kiwi as it looks good.
If you like a gentle walk as well as a bit of fun short game golf this course is for you. With a course rating of 57.5 and slope of 87 it will also give a few more of us a chance to play to our age!
The ladies best score was set recently  (see below) , and we will have an in-the-purple event soon to challenge this and to set a mark for the men.


The Course record for the new Purple Course was officially set on 21st July 2015. 

Ann Hathaway shot 64 gross.  Ladies, this is the number to beat. 
Anne is pictured here (right) with Lady Club Captain Margaret Chambers, holding a framed copy of her Score Card.